About us

Our site is model to make hiring and working online safe and cost effective for workers with employers.

We do this by providing a mandatory escrow account and mediation for all project.
We provide arbitratioin in an event there is a dispute between wokers and employer.
We provide rating for employees and workers.
We verify all workers/employer indentity.  To prevent fraud in in such events as non disclosure.
Employers are protected.  If the job is not done you get 100% of your money back.
Workers are protected. Employers have to put up 100% om money in escrow before you start work.

Cost Effective:
All Accounts are Free.  No subscribtion Fee
Lower site fee of 3.3% to workers.  Fee does not include paypal transfer fee.
Free and unlimited bidding privilages
No support costs and no taxes
You pay the worker a fixed price for the entire project (or for portions of the project if they achieve milestones).

Employers do not pay until they are satisfied, and workers do not begin work until the funds are in the escrow account.

We provide Virtual Workers for all trades, skills and industries Our FreelancerWorkers are skilled in many areas that range from IT to SEO and content writing.

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