Site Fee


Deposit Funds: Emplover would incurr a Fee of : $0.30 fixed and 4.4% fee. This fee is charged by PayPal to transfer funds to your FreelancerWorker account.

Site Usage Fee: 3.3% fee is charged to worker on every project completed successfully.  

Withdrawal Fee: There is no withdrawl fee on our part. How ever PayPal accesses a fund transfer fee, which is 4.4% + fixed fee based on the currency received.

Arbitration Fee: There is a 3.3% charge for mediation. Both parties will be responsible for this charge.

For example: In and event where the disputed amount was $200. And both parties receive $100. Both parties will pay $3.30 arbitration fee.

In an event where one party receive $200 and the other $0. The Winning party would pay the $6.60 arbitration fee.


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