Terms of Service

FreelancerWorkers is a freelance marketplace, connecting virtual workers with employers, subject to the following terms:

FreelancerWorkers reserves the right to delete any project posting, bid or other submission that is deemed inappropriate or in violation of our policies. We may exercise this right without notice. We also reserves the right to terminate any account that do not adhere to our policies.


Verification of Identity:
Before an employer or worker can accept or post a bid on a project on FreelancerWorkers their identity must be verified. This ensures each party’s identity and that each is of legal age to enter into a legally binding agreement. The legal age requirement to use our site is eighteen (18) years old.


Bids requesting:

1) advance payment
2) work for free
3) barters in exchange for goods or sales, or in exchange for other services
4) creation virus, trojan, spyware Scumware/malware/stealthware, Exploit/Hack, Clones of this site, Proxy abuser or other disruptive component
5) Profit Sharing "Opportunities" and Pro-Bono work
is prohibited on FreelancerWorkers.

Workers can opt-out of a project before funds are escrowed by Employee. To do this worker will need to contact the Employee and and ask for the project to be Revoked.

Workers must agree to meet the project delivery deadline. Failure to meet delivery deadline will automatically result in worker loosing in an event of arbitration.  Workers who are not able to meet delivery deadline must contact Employee to revise the deadline.

Employers must agree to review deliveries or communicate with worker or release escrowed funds within 14 days of delivery deadline.  If an employer does not accept deliveries or notify the site or worker of a problem within 14 days of delivery deadline. FreelancerWorkers will automatically accept the deliveries ‘as is’ and close the project on the employer’s behalf.  No ratings will be given to either party.

And as an employer, you agree to this terms.


Appropriate use of our site:
You agree not to post or upload anything that may be deemed as obscene, abusive or threatening.
You agree not to upload any content that you know is contaminated with a virus, spyware or other malice component.


Copyright and other legal violations
Any project that violates copyright or other law is not allowed.  This includes posting a project asking  worker to "Please sell codes for the project the worker completed previously".  You are prohibited from selling copyright material purchased by the original employer .


You agree to only use English on our site. Communication in other languages is not permitted. 


Disintermediation (using our site to find and negotiate an agreement and paying or receiving funds outside of the site) is not permitted on our site.  It will result in account termination for both parties, and funds in accounts will be forfeited.

One Account per user:
Employee and Workers must adhere to a one user per account policy.  This is to prevent workers opening multiple accounts and preventing fraud.


Project Fees:
It is free to post and bid for projects on our site..
There will be a 3.3% project fee incurred and deducted from the amount paid to worker on the job.

There is a fund transfer fee by PayPal which is 4.4% + fixed fee based on the currency received.

Note: Our site fee is much lower then the competitors - which are usually 15%

Mediation is based solely on the work presented in the original bid request and details communicated and agreed upon before the worker is hired for the project and completed work delivered by the deadline date.  Any changes made after the worker is hired must be agreed to by both parties to become part of the agreement.  All mediation communication and contact must be done via our site. 

Deadline Date: Workers failing to upload and deliver all deliverables communicated by deadline date will automatically forfeit the arbitration to the Employee. 

Bonus: Promises of bonus payments for additional work are not protected by escrow.

Fees: There is a 3.3% charge for mediation. Both parties will be responsible for this charge. For example: In and event where the disputed amount was $200. And both parties receive $100. Both parties will pay $3.30 dispute fee.   

Ratings: Once a project enters into mediation feedback cannot be left by either party. The arbitrator will not leave any feedback for both parties.

Abusive Language: Abusing the arbitrator or other party within mediation will result in an immediate decision for the other party, so please consider your comments before posting.  Stick to the scope. Do not use language such as " moron, idiot".  Inappropriate comments will cause you to forfeit the arbitration without the option of an appeal.

Closed Account: During arbitration if any party closes their account. Or if their account is closed for policy violation. The at party at fault would automatically forfeit the arbitration to the other party. 

Timely Communication: In an event if any party fails to communicate or respond other party via (FreelancerWorkers arbitration board) within 10 days. The at party at fault would automatically forfeit the arbitration to the other party.

Project Communication: All project communication, contact and uploads must be done via our site. Any communication done outside our site will not be considered during mediation.

Neutral Decision: Should the mediator find that a neutral decision cannot be made, neither side can be found at fault or the majority of the claims of one or both parties cannot be verified, both parties will be awarded 50% of the project.  Both parties will  be  assessed a 3.3% fee of the total project amount received.  You agree that mediation will close, without the option of an appeal.

When a Project is sumbitted to the employer ALL claims of ownership and/or copyright is relinquished once the escrow is released, unless otherwise specifically stated at the time of which deliveries are made, or agreement is concluded through the mediation process. 


All projects and deliveries are to be treated under a non-disclosure agreement.  This means, everything done between worker and employer will remain  confidential.  All work is to remain private unless otherwise stated and agreed to between both parties. 


There is no withdrawl fee on our part. How ever PayPal accesses a fund transfer fee, which is 4.4% + fixed fee based on the currency received.


FreelancerWorkers do not offer any guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied. We provide the website service for both the employer and worker. If a project is subject to mediation, the employer must provide a list of flaws that we will attempt to verify and work with the Worker  to correct. Decisions made within mediation are final.  Please see “Mediation”, in some cases an arbitrator’s decision can be appealed.


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